Mini hackathon in Lisboa, 8th-10th November 2019


50 hours - 30 participants - The Block Lisboa

following the WebSummit, in our own community space and incubator


Build stuff.

Chainhack, the blockchain hackathon is back for a fourth edition! Second time in Lisbon, Portugal, this year it's going to be a small-sized event with quality people. It's the ultimate place for learning/hacking/networking with your peers from the community.

You will have fun building stuff (there will be swag too)

Even if you are a newbie, don't panic! Some of the best technical experts in the blockchain realm will be there to help you build your project. Come as you are!

This is what will happen

and why you should be there


You will build. Most of your weekend will be spent with your team, hacking a product together. Small teams this year, 2-4 people each. Building on existing projects is OK!


No matter your expertise, you will learn something there. Attendees range from newbies to core-devs, everybody here to enjoy.


This is not work. Plenty of time to relax, enjoy a coffee or a pint with amazing people.


Free food, free coffee, a lot of swag to bring home, some cool music, some prizes... and everything else that makes Chainhack unique.

The process

Here is how it works


  • Find an idea (optional)
  • Get in the pitch queue
  • Grab the mike
  • Present in 30 seconds!

Form a team

  • Talk to the pitchers you like
  • Join your favorite and gather a team
  • Grab a table
  • Get to work!


  • Use the mentors
  • Don't burn out
  • Enjoy!

The people

Some of our cool attendees/mentors/helpers

Kevin Loaec
Kevin Loaec Chainsmiths
@21isenough LightningATM
Stephane Roche Bitcoin-Studio
Marc Zeller Coinhouse/AAVE
Lola Kleros
Jacques Xu Discussions
Bitcoinera LN Hacker

And more to be announced

The schedule

We are going to keep you busy...

Lisboa, 8th-10th November 2019


  • -Opening-
    Registration: 5pm-6:30pm
    Opening Speech: 6:30pm
    Sponsors talks: 6:40pm
  • -Pitches-
    Rules and Safety: 7pm
    30sec Pitches: 7:05pm-7:40pm
    Teams formation: 7:40pm+
  • -Dinner!-
  • -Hack-
    Get to work!: 9pm


  • -Breakfast!-
    Breakfast: 8am-8:30am
  • -Lunch!-
  • -Social-
    Drinks & networking: 17:30pm
  • -Dinner!-


  • -Breakfast!-
    Breakfast: 9am-9:30am
  • -Lunch!-
  • -VIPs-
    VIP registrations: 4pm
  • -Presentations-
    Final pitches&demo: 5pm
    Panel discussion: 6pm
    Winners announced: ~6.30pm
  • -Drinks-

Our amazing supporters

Without them, this event wouldn't be possible!

Nomadic Labs

Nomadic Labs

Fidelity FCAT




Fulgur Ventures


SRS Avogados




Supporting organizations



The Block

Want to be a sponsor? Please contact us at [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

Where in the Lisbon?

At The Block, rua Latino Coelho 63, 1st floor.

Can I pay in Bitcoin?


Can we compete with an existing product?

This year, yes!

Can I come with an existing team?

Yep, but you will be encouraged to mingle and spread in different teams.

Do I need an idea/project to come?

No, idea creation and team formation can be done on-site on the Friday.

How does the team formation work?

Only about 10 teams will be part of the event, at least 2 people per team.

Who owns the IP/copyright/product?

You! By default, each coder owns her lines of code, that's copyright. We will encourage you to put your work in GPL, MIT, CC or other open source licenses, but that's your call.

Why is there a fee?

To avoid no-shows. It is well worth it though, as we provide the food, drinks, coffee, swag...

Which programming language?

Any! There are APIs to make it simple for you to interact with blockchains without having to learn the core code itself.

Which blockchains? Only Bitcoin?

Any blockchain you want. Not restricted to Bitcoin.

What are the topics?

Anything you want. Not only Finance, not only commercial ideas. Feel free to work on something stupid/nonsensical.

What are the judging criterias?

This will be explained during the hackathon!

Should I learn anything beforehand?

You don't have to, but reading the Bitcoin developer doc or/and the doc on developing Ethereum smart contracts would help to get started.

I am a beginner. Am I welcome?

Yes! This is an event to learn. Some people will be extremely talented, some just beginners, that's why it will be amazing.

I want to be an observer, not participate. Can I come?

We will have a VIP invite-only list for the presentations on the Sunday. Only participants will be allowed during the Friday and Saturday.

What should I bring?

Your laptop! (I have seen people come empty-handed to hackathons before...)

Where is the hackathon happening, exactly?

The first 2 editions were in Dublin, Ireland. The third edition was in Lisbon, Portugal. The 4th in the Lisbon again!

Contact us at [email protected]

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